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Oaken Rings, the Author, and expanding ones mind

December 28, 2008

I have kept busy with the progress on my third book even as I field questions about the first book, now in print, and work through the remarkably busy holiday season. At the Disney parks the holidays are special for all of us, whether entertainers or the entertained, and I found a welcome respite that feeds my brain and feeds the world. The site is called Check it out. Expand your mind, and do something really good.

A Trip worth the Trip

December 20, 2008

If I haven’t mentioned Micanopy in the past day or two, it’s for no reason other than I’ve been keeping busy with several other projects as we gear up for the holidays. Getting great feedback from the new readers introduced the the world of Ronald Fox the author. Met with a friend who is also a producer in town (orlando) and discussed the screenplay adaptation of the second book I’ve written (A spy novel titled Security, out next year). Dilligently working on my third book Didn’t go flying this week but am hopeful to get out to Williston sometime in the next week and a half. Also – check out this site – A great way to feed your brain and feed the world!

Oaken Rings update

December 14, 2008

people who ordered their books from amazon via my website have started getting their copies and some have wasted no time cracking the bindings. Initial response? I’m pleased to report very favorable. Keep buying those copies! And thanks, as always, for your enduring support.

flying in Williston, dining in Micanopy

December 14, 2008

went to Williston and spent the day in and around planes. Went to the cafe in micanopy, right on the main drag (on 441) and julie made quite possibly the best, lightest, freshest and most delicious chicken salad I have ever had. The morning and the surroundings as well as the company made for a remarkable experience. If you’re into history, the town is worth a visit.

all’s quiet on the WDW front

December 8, 2008

the quiet time before the holidays is upon us. Attendance is good, don’t get me wrong, but it is a bit placid compared to what will come to WDW come the 26th.
Still getting great feedback on Oaken Rings from those who have received their copies. And a bonus has been that these good folks have referred and continue to refer others. It’s not conventional marketing but I’ll take it. Can’t beat word of mouth.
The spy novel is in editing and the third book is moving forward.

flying tigers fly-in

December 6, 2008

we were planning on heading out to tjeflying tigers fly in but a 300-400 foot ceiling has settled over Williston muni (x60 for those of you with google maps) and of looks like I’ll be spending a little more time working on my third novel today (it’s a story about a group of modern day witches). Disneys Hollywood studios should have great crowds today (crowds are good when you’re a performer in a live action stunt show)!

Oaken Rings a success as it builds momentum!

December 6, 2008

the day started with a quick check of the amazon ranking of my book Oaken Rings.
I’m pleased to report that at the height of orders yesterday the book’s rank was just below 7000 ( some where close to 6400 actually). I spent the morning assuring everyone who sent me an SMS or email that I would autograph their copies.
Went to Williston where I went flying – actual, right seat pilot type flying. Having spent all of my short GA (general aviation) career on high wings (cessna 182 & 152) I found the low wing performed well. Did I mention it was a focke wulf? The joystick controls are more responsive than it’s flight sim counterpart. Pulled the carb off the stinson and worked into the night. Nut very rewarding stuff.
I wanted to thank everyone who went to my website to order Oaken Rings, and the thanks include those who are going to order next week and beyond. I know you won’t be disappointed in the storyline.
I’ll be a guest speaker at a film production class next week and look forward to bringing my experience in the industry as an author, actor, stuntman, action coordinator, and producer to the class.
I’ll keep you all in the loop as things progress, and will do as much as I can to keep this updated.

Hello world!

December 6, 2008

Oaken Rings!  Now Available!!!  Get Your Copy Today!