Oaken Rings a success as it builds momentum!

the day started with a quick check of the amazon ranking of my book Oaken Rings.
I’m pleased to report that at the height of orders yesterday the book’s rank was just below 7000 ( some where close to 6400 actually). I spent the morning assuring everyone who sent me an SMS or email that I would autograph their copies.
Went to Williston where I went flying – actual, right seat pilot type flying. Having spent all of my short GA (general aviation) career on high wings (cessna 182 & 152) I found the low wing performed well. Did I mention it was a focke wulf? The joystick controls are more responsive than it’s flight sim counterpart. Pulled the carb off the stinson and worked into the night. Nut very rewarding stuff.
I wanted to thank everyone who went to my website to order Oaken Rings, and the thanks include those who are going to order next week and beyond. I know you won’t be disappointed in the storyline.
I’ll be a guest speaker at a film production class next week and look forward to bringing my experience in the industry as an author, actor, stuntman, action coordinator, and producer to the class.
I’ll keep you all in the loop as things progress, and will do as much as I can to keep this updated.



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