Oaken Rings, the Author, and expanding ones mind

I have kept busy with the progress on my third book even as I field questions about the first book, now in print, and work through the remarkably busy holiday season. At the Disney parks the holidays are special for all of us, whether entertainers or the entertained, and I found a welcome respite that feeds my brain and feeds the world. The site is called freerice.com. Check it out. Expand your mind, and do something really good.


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One Response to “Oaken Rings, the Author, and expanding ones mind”

  1. carrie wagner Says:

    Hey I get to leave the first comment on your blog. I feel so special!!!!! I can’t wait to read your book. Good luck on it. Can you tell the readers on your blog what we can expect from your book, with out giving to much away? Also what kind of experiances did you have writing your books? Which ones were the hardest to write about. I was just wondering what goes on in the mind of an author? Thanks

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