The mind of an Author / Actor / Stuntman

I’ve often been asked what my first books is about. I have described it so often I’ve really narrowed the “elevator pitch” to a succinct hook. (an elevator pitch is a destinct and brief description that you might ostensibly make to a group of people whose attention you might have for thirty or so seconds). But I’ve never described it here, so here you are:
Oaken Rings is a story about a young guy who lives in contemporary times who starts having dreams about the middle ages. He wakes up one morning in his dreams, and finds himself in Medievel England. it could be classified as historical fiction / fantasy, with swordfighting, chivalry, romance, political intrigue, magic, and epic battles. The back cover, which you can read if you go to my website, offers a more detailed introduction.
It is available from, and the easiest way to get it is to go to my website,, click the author tab, and get a copy! Happy reading!


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