Write for the mind – a thought from the author

I’ve discovered something unintentional in my writing – people who have purchased my first book Oaken Rings, who did so to support me, have found themselves encouraging their friends to order the book.  and these people have contacted me to share their experiences with the storyline, and what they’ve learned.  I want people to read the story and let it unfold around them, without them thinking about who wrote it.  And that’s exactly what is happening.

Sure, the story is fiction, but it is placed over a template of history that I wanted to be as living a thing as possible.  As a result people continue to go to my website and order the book, as well as just visit and let me know what they’ve been doing, or where they are in the book’s contents.  I like to share with people parts of the creative process, which I found interesting because unlike a magician revealing the secret behind the illusion, my revelation has no such negative impact on those who enquire.

So I’d say to anyone who has a story banging around in their head to start jotting notes, and let the story flesh itself out.  That has pretty much been what I’ve done, and it’s worked for me so far.

Keep writing, and keep reading.



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