The three P method to Entertainment

For a friend’s 40th birthday his wife threw the Bash of a lifetime.  Eddie has been a KISS fan since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  His loving spouse found a KISS tribute band and booked them to play the common space on the first floor of the beach-side condo they share.  The space was two enormous rooms, and in one the band set up, and in the other was a cornucopia of food offerings.

I arrived early to help her set up the room.  Every kind of KISS paraphernalia from concert one-sheets to dolls and limited collectors items filled every possible space.  As we worked to ready the one room the band worked in the other to ready their equipment.  They checked their play list, went over sound checks, and played several songs.  From the other room they sounded awesome.  I went over to watch and saw the band in ordinary street clothes working through their sound check.  They were thorough, though, and took great effort to make certain nothing was left to chance on the technical side of things.

That night when Storme went upstairs to get Eddie (under the guise of going to a wedding), the tribute band finished last looks before making their appearance.

Eddie appeared to thunderous applause with a very surprised look on his face.  As soon as the camera flashes subsided the band appeared.  Already surprised by the party he was completely floored by the band.

We all were.  Myself especially.  The transformation was incredible.  These guys looked like KISS.  They sounded like KISS.  They had the mannerisms and affectations down.  We were watching Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss make their magic.

Between their two sets they made themselves available for photographs, autographs, and being present to add to an already electric atmosphere.  Gene Simmons stepped outside to do some fire eating which had people eating out of his hands.  And after their break they played their second set.

The band is called DESTROYER.  I believe they are based out of South Florida and they are absolutely dynamite all the way around.

The reason I mention this experience is they epitomized certain critical aspects of entertainment, aspects that are easily transferred to almost any other business model in the world.

Their focus on Preparation, Presentation, and Professionalism showed a consummate sense of effort to their final product.

Preparation:  they came in with their equipment and went to work immediately on identifying the show/concert space and the logistics of their performance.  They set up their equipment and made several adjustments as they worked alongside their technical crew.  They checked their instruments and gear, speakers and mics and made sure there were no surprises.  They played several songs to make sure sounds were crisp and feedbakc issues would be minimized.

Presentation:  They made their appearance striding into the room as if they owned the place.  They picked up their guitars and drumsticks and began to play.  And they had everyone entranced.  Eddie’s mouth was open for the first ten minutes as he watched like a kid locked inside a candy store with his favorite chocolate.  The band members acknowledged Eddie several times, and got the audience involved as well.  They had taken great care in their costumes, make-up, and musical ability to present something that was a turn-key package. Each member of the band had taken the time to study and understand the person whose work they were recreating.  It was truly a visual feast.

Professionalism:  The members of the band behaved like veteran performers who understood their obligations to themselves and others.  Like a well-oiled machine, they knew what needed to happen, and when it needed to happen.  Their timing was impeccable.  They were KISS, and left little doubt to the others who gathered to watch.

The lessons here are simple:

Whether one is preparing for an audition, a table read, or the first day on a set, whether a supernumerary or a principal player, the necessary demands on self should be the same.  Be prepared, be ready to present what you are arriving to present, do your research, and be totally professional with your finished product.

These apply to anyone, anywhere.  These can be applied to our personal as well as professional lives.  It requires time and effort, but the end result is worth it when we realize our goals.

It’s simple: We stand to benefit greatly when we are willing to give more than those around us expect.  Do the absolute best.  Be willing to listen and learn.  This applies across the board and is good to remember as we find our way down life’s river and encounter others doing the same.


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2 Responses to “The three P method to Entertainment”

  1. storme levin Says:

    Thank you Ron.You were a big help and always a wonderful addition to any event. you are also a beautiful writer.I’m so glad you drove all the way from orlando to share an unforgetable night. your article is awesome and so are you.kiss kiss

  2. LEE ARNOFF Says:

    I read many of your pieces and they are profound. I will read all of them as the ones I have read talk to me.

    I just lost my Mom and as I read your Santa Claus story I felt lifted.

    You are a most talented person. I hope more and more people read your wonderful stories and realize just how talented you really are.

    With all my love Lee

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