Black Top – Now that’s entertainment!

I just returned from a trip overseas and got the chance to visit  some old friends.  The trip was a highly necessary foray of a personal nature but I was fortunately afforded some leisure time.  One of these outings involved a visit to Harderwijk (NL) where the band Black Top ( ) was performing that evening at a well known and often frequented establishment known as Nicky’s Inn.   Nicky’s was celebrating their 25th anniversary and they had a full complement of entertainment for the evening.  Black Top was one of the evening’s star bands.  (A disclaimer:  I have been well acquainted with the guitarist of the band, Mick Hup, for ten years and consider him a close friend).

I have known Mick almost since he first picked up a guitar.  Even then, in one of his first competitions, Noel Redding, a guest judge at the event, recognized Michiel’s talent.  That is noteworthy. 

Collectively, he and his two band mates comprise one of the most solidly innovative and rich-sounding groups to emerge in a long time.

These guys not only look and sound like musicians (whatever that is) they also compose themselves on stage in such a fashion to convey to their audience and each other they’re totally into what they do.  All three were “in the zone” as they played, and I remembered the first competition I attended where Mick played.  There is a passion and love in performing that cannot be faked.

I have said this before:  when we find our passion and pursue it, and make the honest commitment to ourselves, that sense of loyalty to self creates all kinds of gifts for us.  When we perform with passion, all other elements fall into place.

These guys play with passion.  They love their music, they love their fans, and they love the gift  of music.  And the focus of their energies seems so effortless that even with a cursory glance at their bios one readily knows there is a great deal more to their training and knowledge than is presented by the written word.  That level of professionalism is no fluke.  It is part of a collaborative effort that these three men have made with themselves and each other.  I wrote of the professional attitude and performance of a KISS tribute band I had seen a couple of months ago, and the same sense of preparation and level of top shelf behavior is a part of the Black Top credo, even if they don’t use it as a motto.  Their performance in a live venue is as crisp and energetic as the tracks they record for their albums.

Whether one wishes to listen to music, or study the subtle mannerisms that make someone top league, Black Top is a good place to start.  Their commitment to offer the best part of themselves and be the best in what they do is evident every time they step into a studio or onto a stage.  Those of us who are entertainers and seek to entertain benefit by studying and observing those who perform in a variety of venues, skills and genres.  We do what we do best when we challenge ourselves to experiences “out of the box.”  It is these encounters that entertain, enrich, and educate.


3 Responses to “Black Top – Now that’s entertainment!”

  1. Joan Says:

    For those who want to see, listen and watch some video’s of Black Top, here’s a link to the personal YouTube page of Mr.TheoTumper, the drummer.

  2. Mick Says:

    Thanks man:-)hope2CuSoon!

  3. Black Top Says:

    Thanks dude for this awesome exposure! Was great meeting you again!
    GRTZ Thumper

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