About Ron

  Author / Actor / Stuntman / Consultant / Pilot / Inventor

Ronald Fox is an Actor, Author, Stuntman, & Consultant with a long list of credits and experiences spanning everything from classical theatre to interactive theatre,  radio, film and television.

As an actor he has played historic and era-specific roles, as well as everyman characters and comedy.  As a stuntman he has done everything from horsework to highfalls, stunt driving to sword work, action coordinating to sword choreography.  He has worked on dozens of projects in North America and Western Europe.

Mr. Fox has written everything from sonnet collections to full-length novels, custom-commissioned marketing material for artists and museums, and has built training and facilitating modules, many still in use today. He has also written and produced screenplays & scripts (both dramatic and action-oriented) for theatre & film.

His first book, Oaken Rings, is an epic tale of historical fiction/fantasy that takes place in Medieval England.   His second, a collaborative work of non-fiction, is titled Confessions of a Transylvanian.  This critically received book is a coming-of-age adventure about life in a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. It’s a story so incredible Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick have both given glowing testimonials to its transformative storytelling.

There’s more on the way so stop by on from time to time.

For additional information on the author or his works please visit: http://www.RonFoxMedia.com .

For supplemental information on the book Confessions of a Transylvanian please visit: http://www.RockyConfessions.com.


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