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Peace on Earth, or I guess I Don’t Own That Anymore

November 24, 2009

I’m relaxing this morning at the Lodge.  My escape has been 
for the time catching up on all seasons of The West Wing: intelligent, well written and a nice diversion from the real world. Although I must say it is still earily topical, on point with  a remarkable sense of prescient timing.

It’s not yet Thanksgiving and the Christmas tree is up, all six stories of it, and the holiday decor abounds.  An elegant selection of music specific to the season – currently as I write, “what child is this” plays in the background.

And I think about my computer being stolen.  It happened recently while I was visiting out of town relatives.
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be a writer without a computer? I was old school once upon a time with a typewriter and a less than graceful hunt and peck method to serve me. 

Several books and scripts as well as other projects on commission later and the tool of my trade is nowhere to be found, thoughtfully misappropriated by someone who must need it more than I.

I should be really upset. It has been an interesting year.  I think this is a minor test of our ability to be measured by our ability to rise when we stumble, fall, or overcome obstacles.  Or someone’s idea of a joke.

I’m disappointed.  Myself a card holding member, I’m at a loss for words when it comes to understanding the human race.   I want to have faith in the good I believe to be out there.

White Christmas is now playing. I’ll allow the music to have its soothing effect on me, just as the good knight sir Congreve recognized it does for us, savages all.

Peace on Earth. I’d like a little of that to bless us all. Maybe compassion and tolerance and understanding might come with it, and along with these noble truths, the sense to know right from wrong, and the strength of character without tilting to make those choices. Whomever has my computer; take care of it. It was new when I got it and still has that “new car smell.”
Peace on Earth.


Actor / Author / Stuntman & really qualified candidate?

March 13, 2009

Got the following:

Continental Who’s Who
March 11th, 2009
Ron, Welcome to our Inner Circle.
Inclusion in our prestigious organization is a career milestone only available to those who have demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge, expertise and client service- and I think you quintessentially meet those standards. Our forum enables you to be reached by thousands of professionals and your peers with the purpose of doing business with you. Simply put- Members are friends you haven’t met yet.
I want to thank you for helping us to create a stronger platform.
Much Continued Success…

I thought as an author I ranked among the who’s who when I received that most coveted plug, the props from Oprah;
As an Actor when I’ve worked as a a co-star with Jason Statham, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Geena Davis, or Sigourney Weaver;
And as a Stuntman when I’ve been nominated for the Taurus Awards.

Haven’t yet heard from Oprah’s show (have heard from Dr. Phil, however, but his recommendations are not as highly regarded for whatever reason),
Haven’t heard from Harrison Ford with an invite to fly with him in one of his planes,
And have only known folks who have been nominated or have gone to the Taurus Awards.
But I suppose there’s an alternative universe out there where I must be all that.
I had no idea.
Okay – back to writing and studying.

Writing right. An Author’s journey.

February 5, 2009

I have discovered a few things on this adventure of being a published author:
The standards are high.
Everyone has a critical eye.
Everyone wants you to do well.
Everyone who decides to read the story wants to enjoy the story.
I am getting considerable feedback on the editing of Oaken Rings as well as notes regarding some questions or inconsistencies in plot line or character development.
I, for one, am a fan of multiple story lines that blend and weave themeselves together and find a resolution at the end of the day. Sometimes the story is a bit complex in the beginning, and sometimes people feel there may be too much going on, but I find it important to constantly turn the page within the page, so to speak. I have to offer new things to the reader to discover, or else it is simply a story rehashed. For me, that simply will not do.
As for the editing, I have discovered in my new (and existing) fan base a willing and qualified group of people willing to pour over my future works to iron out the type and syntax errors, as well as keep me and the story honest. To you I will rely. I recently discovered a writer of whom I am a great admirer (Ken Follett – a great resource, and in my opinion, a national treasure of the UK) uses considerable man (or woman) power in the process of hammering out his works.
I have discovered that part of what comes with being an author is the willingness to open oneself to criticism, because those who do offer criticism, do so with affection, a critical eye, and a desire to see the best work possible produced, rendered with as few distractions as possible. I’m willing to explore those options, because the stories must be told.

Sport Aviation Expo – Sebring

January 23, 2009

Made it to the Sebring light sport / experimental aviation show hosted in part by EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).

Experimental is something of a misnomer which suggests folks cobbling together things that just might fly with the right gust of wind.  Here’s one example: If an aircraft has been built and certified outside the US and then eventually comes to make its home in the the US, it is considered Experimental.  So….

Truth is, Light Sport is a regulated industry, just as the remainder of  the standard General Aviation community is, with certifications and the ultimate airworthiness directives handed down by the FAA.* 

The EAA from time to time has to battle absurd over-reactive regulations handed down simply because some administrative advisor feels the infectious desire to satisfy the “thumbprint syndrome.”  Heavy handed governmental agencies all seem to live by the rule, “Legislation, not education.”  And they are often influenced by whomever has their ear.  That’s as diplomatic as communism. 

If you have ever flown in anything other than a commercial aircraft, and you enjoyed the sensation and feeling it conveyed, it would behoove you to plug into the issues from time to time and write letters voicing your opinion to the FAA.

I have often told people who have a less than wonderful experience at a restaurant, theme park, or other event:  To the organizers or sponsors, no news is good news.  When they don’t hear objections, they presume there are none and folks are fine with the way things are going.  It’s one of the great things about a democracy, the freedom to voice your opinion.  Do it.

But I have digressed.

The Sport Expo is an opportunity for aviation afficianados to spend time in and around all sorts of flying aircraft.  You can attend seminars, check out the latest in technology, and even get demo flights in aircraft.

It represents the begining of the aviation community year that builds in crescendo to Oshkosh.

When I’m flying I am filled with the same sort of wonder that I discover when I am writing.  Whether flying over the terrain beneath the aircraft, or floating over the lands I bring to life, I am filled with a sense of amazement.

Go to an aviation expo or fly in, read a book, and see the world.

*as there are thousands of pages dedicated to definitions of Light Sport and Experimental, I’ll leave it to the curious reader to probe further through the cyber pages of offerings and resources.

The mind of a writer continued…Oaken Rings as a study in history

January 16, 2009

I am continuing my journey as an entertainer of the spoken word and the written word.  I flesh out my own curiosities as I explore my drive to further my offerings,  and I’m delighted to have discovered so much support from a great number of people who have come forward to offer their assistance as proof-readers and general readers.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you.

At the risk of sounding cliched (and perhaps too late):  The pen is only truly mightier than the sword when sharpened by the trained and callibrated study of the many hands that go into the forging of its mettle.

And to those of you who continue to purchase Oaken Rings for your reading pleasure, thanks and enjoy!

Write for the mind – a thought from the author

January 11, 2009

I’ve discovered something unintentional in my writing – people who have purchased my first book Oaken Rings, who did so to support me, have found themselves encouraging their friends to order the book.  and these people have contacted me to share their experiences with the storyline, and what they’ve learned.  I want people to read the story and let it unfold around them, without them thinking about who wrote it.  And that’s exactly what is happening.

Sure, the story is fiction, but it is placed over a template of history that I wanted to be as living a thing as possible.  As a result people continue to go to my website and order the book, as well as just visit and let me know what they’ve been doing, or where they are in the book’s contents.  I like to share with people parts of the creative process, which I found interesting because unlike a magician revealing the secret behind the illusion, my revelation has no such negative impact on those who enquire.

So I’d say to anyone who has a story banging around in their head to start jotting notes, and let the story flesh itself out.  That has pretty much been what I’ve done, and it’s worked for me so far.

Keep writing, and keep reading.

Oaken Rings Update

January 3, 2009

I just learned from a friend who tracked the progress of first day ranking numbers on Amazon for Oaken Rings that the ranking actually got to 54oo, which is a significant number in terms of ranking and much better than the number I originally mapped.  This started on December 4th, and while things have quieted down a bit, I’ve enjoyed the emails from people who were directed to pick up a copy of the book from someone else who ordered the book and thought enough of it and the story to recommend it.  The book is naturally available at  as always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

The author and his art

January 2, 2009

as another offering, or a teaser,  the artwork from the cover of Oaken Rings…

A note about the artwork – the person who did it was coaxed out of retirement to do the illustration, which she did entirely by hand.  It was the last complex example of an Illuminated Manuscript page she did, and I was tremendiously fortunate to have her services available.  Examples of her craftsmanship can be seen on display in museums throughout the world.

The mind of an Author / Actor / Stuntman

January 2, 2009

I’ve often been asked what my first books is about. I have described it so often I’ve really narrowed the “elevator pitch” to a succinct hook. (an elevator pitch is a destinct and brief description that you might ostensibly make to a group of people whose attention you might have for thirty or so seconds). But I’ve never described it here, so here you are:
Oaken Rings is a story about a young guy who lives in contemporary times who starts having dreams about the middle ages. He wakes up one morning in his dreams, and finds himself in Medievel England. it could be classified as historical fiction / fantasy, with swordfighting, chivalry, romance, political intrigue, magic, and epic battles. The back cover, which you can read if you go to my website, offers a more detailed introduction.
It is available from, and the easiest way to get it is to go to my website,, click the author tab, and get a copy! Happy reading!

Oaken Rings, the Author, and expanding ones mind

December 28, 2008

I have kept busy with the progress on my third book even as I field questions about the first book, now in print, and work through the remarkably busy holiday season. At the Disney parks the holidays are special for all of us, whether entertainers or the entertained, and I found a welcome respite that feeds my brain and feeds the world. The site is called Check it out. Expand your mind, and do something really good.